Useful, cheap reliable products for unique film creating

As someone who loves experimenting old home VHS movies and cine footage it's vital for me to find efficient devices that can transfer the footage digitally for further experimentation. 

For The Colour Of Chips ( Live Cinema , BFI, Duke Of Yorks, Home Cinema etc) the film was based on Blackpool's past and present making me  dependent on converting old cine footage from the 50's that I had purchased from eBay to add cogency to the story .

Because this particular old footage was not shot on 35mm it was difficult finding places that could convert the footage efficiently enough at a reasonable cost.  To digitise the footage I had collected this is the scanner I purchased off Amazon ( DIGITNOW! Portable High Resolution 22MP All-In-1 Film & Slide Scanner for Super 8 Films, 35mm Slides and Negatives, 110 & 126 Film to Digital Converter) which was very reasonably priced at £59.99 ( I am still living the student budget dream and this is also prime)

Amazon, however have a variety of very useful scanners that can do a little more that I hope to purchase soon for future analog related projects.

The Epson Perfection V 600 Photo High Resolution 6400 x 9600 dpi Scanner is on my Christmas Wishlist. Since beginning the analog anthology project I have had an abundance of old Cine films that are desperate for high quality conversion. Including films from Afghanistan , Romania, Russia and pre war Jewish communities of Hungary. Despite being on a budget a stronger machine might do these longer cine films more justice in the digital conversion process.  So big spenders this is Amazon's personal choice ( with good reason I imagine).

If you are really on a budget the DIGITNOW! 5M/10M Stand alone 2.4'' LCD Display Film/Slide scanner 1800DPI high resolution Picture scanner in USB2.0 interface will do the job but not as such a high level as the more competitively priced versions. I enjoyed this version but it's not got as much variety as it's sibling the Digital now negative.

Happy memory converting