I am a video artist and filmmaker who has had the honour to witness my creations grace a number of film festivals and art galleries. I also run a short film festival specialising in opera shorts called everyday arias ( www.everydayarias.com) and I am also a judge on Beeston Film Festival.

- Women's History Film Month 2014

- Trispace Gallery 2014

-Kino London 2015

-Barcelona Experimental, Bizarre and Erotic Film Festival 2015

-Woodengate Film Festival  Romania 2016

- Open Heart Art Film Festival Dussledorf 2016

-Hydrebad  Indywood Film Festival 2016 

- Belarus Smartphone Film Festival 2017

-Vancouver miniature film Festival 2017 


-Progetto Tupponto 2017 

- Nasty Women Festival 2017 

- Exploding Cinema 2017

-Jupiter Woods Art Gallery- collaboration with Chats 2018

-Bideodromo International Experimental Film Festival 2018

- LSSF Scratch Night You’re making me itch 2019

- Rotterdam International Film Festival 2019

My biggest project to date was my collaboration with Mica Levi ( The Colour Of Chips) as part of the Unfilmables which was screened as part of The Unfilmables Project Live Cinema in London, Brighton and Manchester and most recently Rotterdam International Film Festival 2019.